What is this?

Crowd Shopping is a way where multiple buyers collectively shop for the same product to lower its purchasing price. Imagine you are buying an electronic device that costs Rs. 50,000. Now, we will give a deal where we need only 5 buyers to buy this product within a period of 7 days to lower the product price to Rs. 45,000. That way, everyone saves Rs. 5,000. In total, that will be a saving of Rs. 25,000 among all buyers.

This will only make your buying journey more satisfying as you will save tons of money over time. 

How do we determine which product goes on a deal?

  • We will post a Product of the Day story on Instagram and Facebook almost every day. There will be polls associated with such posts.
  • Based on your interaction with the post, if we get 75% or more Yes or a positive response then we will put that product under the Crowd Shopping deal.
  • Next, place an order and wait until the deal to be over.
  • At the time of deal closure, if there are at least 5 buyers (or 5 orders) then everyone qualifies for the bulk discount.
  • If there are less than 5 buyers (or 5 orders) then the deal will not go through and the product will be available at its regular price.

How to participate?

Follow Us & View our Stories

Watch out for the ‘Product of the Day story’.

Give your opinion

Tap Yes or No on the product poll.

Place your Order

If we get 75% Yes on the poll then the product will go on a deal for the next 7 days. Place your order before the deal ends. If we get a minimum of 5 orders then your order will automatically receive a bulk discount price.  

Terms and Conditions

A minimum of 5 orders is required for any Crowd Shopping deal to be successful.

Product under Crowd Shopping deal may or may not be in stock. If not in stock, all products will be shipped from the USA.

If any deal is unsuccessful, you can always purchase that product at its regular price.

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