Product On-Demand

The fastest way to buy products from the USA and get them delivered to your home. We provide almost all products from the USA. Browse some of the popular online shopping platforms by clicking the link below.

Please fill out the details below and submit your request. Once we receive your request, 

  • You will receive an Estimate in your email or social media platforms within 24 hrs.
  • Once we receive a Minimum Deposit or Full Payment, we will process your order immediately.
  • We will provide frequent updates via E-mail or SMS about the order status.
  • Once we receive your product(s) in Nepal, we will call you to schedule for Home Delivery or Store Pick-Up.

For faster processing, please click one of the following options.


For multiple products, add each one of them separately.

Enter name of the product you wish to order. Please be as specific as possible

Enter link to the product of your wish.

Enter any additional details about the product such as quantity, colour, features, etc.


Where is your store?

  • Chhaya Center Store #332, Thamel, KTM
  • Opens every day from 10 AM - 6 PM

What products do you provide?

  • We provide hundreds of products from almost all brands in the USA.

Are you a courier company?

  • No. We offer a slightly different service. 
  • Actually, we are more than a logistics company. Once you decide what to buy, please let us know. Then, we will buy it, pack it, ship it and deliver it to your home in Nepal. As per the company policy, you have to buy products from us and we won't be able to bring your personal packages from the USA. 
  • However, the best thing is you can shop from hundreds of brands in the USA. Let us know what products you are interested in and we will simply fulfill your wish.

Can you ship a product from my relatives?

  • Unfortunately, we do not have that service due to various liability reasons. You can directly purchase such products from us and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Which countries do you import products from?

  • USA only

What are the chargers?

  • Charge includes product price, shipping cost, all taxes, and service fees.
  • Product price varies by product type and shipping cost.

How much should I pay upfront?

  • You only have to pay a 50% minimum deposit upfront and pay the remaining amount upon delivery.
  • Customized orders should be paid in full upfront.

How can I order?

  • Step 1: Send us product details using our Product On-Demand service
  • Step 2: Get a product estimate from us
  • Step 3: Pay at least a minimum deposit
  • Step: We will process your order
  • Step 5: Get product delivered to your home in Nepal

Are there any hidden charges?

  • No. Whatever price you see in the estimate is what you pay.
  • If you decide later to ship products outside of the Kathmandu valley then there will be an additional delivery fee.

What products are restricted to import to Nepal using your service?

  • Animal Products
  • Cigarette
  • Furniture
  • Liquor and Wine
  • Food Items
  • Jewelry
  • Motor Vehicle and Parts
  • Plant Products
  • Playing Cards
  • Other items are regulated by Nepal Customs
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