About Us


Evivez started when we decided to transform our dream of serving the Nepalese community “with a great shopping platform and exceptional customer service” into a reality. Two Nepalese entrepreneurs currently living in the United States of America co-founded Evivez in 2020. It is registered as an ‘Evivez Corporation Private Limited' in Nepal.

Our dream is very simple:

  • Provide a platform where you can purchase almost any product you desire from all major global brands available in the USA using our ‘Product On-Demand’ service.
  • Offer product customization service on some featured products such as select electronics and cosmetics.
  • Deliver the best customer service and always maintain a “Customer First” approach.
  • Supply 100% genuine and authentic products from reliable sources as well as make it easy for you to order products from your preferred source.

Evivez is an ultimate destination for international style seekers and shoppers. We are here to provide you and your loved ones a better lifestyle in diverse possible ways. We believe that shopping should be about exploring what is happening around you, living the dream, redefining your style, getting honest communication about products, and the most important factor of all is getting authentic and original products.

We have partnered with numerous brands in the USA to supply exceptional brand clothes and apparel, beauty products, electronics, smart home devices, health & fitness supplies, and many more.

It's time to fulfill your wishes!

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