EZ Shopping (Easy)

We believe that shopping should be easy. In fact, it should be so easy that you should never have to worry about what you will receive after placing an order. Shopping is not just about paying for something and receiving a product or service in return. It is an experience where you indulge yourself with a different mindset to look out for something you always wanted, something you need or something you believe is going to enhance your lifestyle. And that is why we started our journey to enrich our Nepalese community with quality products and quality services.

When you request a new product or place an order, we shop for you directly. Third-party is never involved. Therefore, all products we supply are of the highest quality, and we always perform 100% inspection on every single product before handing it over to our customers.

Major Features:

1. Minimum Deposit

  • Only pay a very low (usually 5% of the total order amount) to process.

2. Pay in Full

  • Receive a discount every time you pay in full during order placement.

3. Nationwide Delivery

  • We deliver all over Nepal.

4. Discover & Shop

  • Explore one of the best product collections from global brands, shop your wish, request product on-demand and always experience peace of mind shopping.
  • Order via phone, email, social media, website, or from the service center.
  • Not sure what to order? Our 'Product Recommendation' service is always ready to serve you.

5. Flexible Payment

  • We have integrated major payment gateways for your ease. Simply pay a ‘Minimum Deposit’ to process your order.
  • Should you choose to ‘Pay in Full’ during order placement, you may receive a discount every single time.
  • Cash on Delivery is also available after you complete a ‘Minimum Deposit’ for your order.

6. Shipment & Tracking

  • Choose your preferred shipping option of a ‘Home Delivery’ or a free ‘Service Center Pick-Up’.
  • Track your order all the way starting from order placement and until delivery.
  • Get notified at every single step of the order journey which means you always know where your order is.

Always remember that we are here to help you. Please call us, email us, or meet us in person at our service center if you have any questions about any products or our services. Our expert customer service representatives will do their best to assist you and enhance your shopping experience.

Our app is coming soon to add another dimension to your shopping experience.

Happy shopping everyone!

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