Product On-Demand

Product On-Demand is one of our major service features. This feature allows you to request new products that are not available within our catalog. You can use this feature using our website or via email, phone, and social media platforms.

Here is how this service works:

  • Send us any details you have about the product(s) that you wish to order.
  • We will provide you the pricing details via your preferred method of communication.
  • Once you agree to the pricing and shipping estimate, you will continue to make a payment.
  • Then, we will process your order.

To ensure the quality of the products, we will try to verify the legitimacy of the source (website) information that you provided. Here is the list of things we do:

  • We do our due diligence and perform thorough research of the source.
  • We look at customer reviews of their website and service.
  • We may also call to verify the product availability.

Sometimes, you will find that a product is priced much cheaper on some random website. If you wish to order the product from that secondary source, we may be able to get the product delivered to you but we will not be able to guarantee its authenticity. We would highly recommend you to only purchase products that are sourced directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributor. It might cost you a little more money but it will be worth it.

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