Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions is a legal agreement between you and Evivez for your access to this website www.evivez.com, Evivez app (coming soon), and the products and services we provide.

We may from time to time modify terms of use and post a copy of the amended agreement at www.evivez.com. If you do not agree to or comply with this agreement as amended, you should not use this website, app, products, and services. You will be deemed to have accepted this agreement as amended if you continue to use the website and app after any amendments are posted on this site.

By using Evivez, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read these carefully before purchasing items and/or using our services:

A. License to use this site

We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, non-commercial license to access and use this website and the app to access our product(s) and service(s). We reserve all rights, titles, and interests not expressly granted under this license.

B. Disclaimer

Information provided about all products on our website is obtained from the manufacturer’s and/or supplier’s website. Evivez’s responsibility is to fulfill their customers' needs whenever possible by buying products from the appropriate manufacturers and/or suppliers and supplying them to their customers. Evivez is not responsible nor liable for any issues caused by any products as all products are properties of their respective manufacturer and/or supplier. Evivez is fully committed to providing the utmost quality products to its customers. However, all buyer agrees that there can be times when defective products are shipped by the product manufacturer or supplier unknowingly. In this case, Evivez will do its best to assist their customer to resolve such situations. We urge all customers to please read the product information on our website, manufacturer’s website, and supplier’s website (whenever applicable) before deciding to purchase any product.

C. Authenticity

All products we supply are sourced directly from the manufacturer or an authorized distributor in the USA and Europe. We are committed to providing quality products and quality service. All products we supply are 100% authentic. We cannot guarantee the originality and authenticity of custom orders from our customers.

D. Your Personal Information

You will have to create your personal or business account to make any purchases from Evivez. This will assist us in fulfilling your orders. Please review our  Privacy Policy for more details.

E. Loss and/or Damage

Evivez and D and M Corporation is not responsible and liable for any loss and/or damage caused by any products purchased by our customers using our service. We do not own any products. All products are properties of their respective manufacturer, supplier, and/or distributor.

F. Copyright

We do not own any brands listed on our website. Evivez honors copyright laws of other brands and will never impact other brand images in any wrong way.

G. Return and Exchange

Returns and exchanges are processed according to our Return and Exchange policy.

H. Product Availability

Some products may not be available at the manufacturer's, supplier's, or distributor's website. Some products may be permanently discontinued by these sources.

I. Applicable Law

By using Evivez, you agree that we might be required to disclose your information to the Government of Nepal.

J. Dispute and Claims

Please forward any disputes and claims to claims@evivez.com. All disputes and claims are handled on a first come first serve basis.

K. Trademark

Evivez is a trademark of the D and M Corporation Pvt. Ltd. registered in Nepal. Evivez is also a registered business in the USA. Evivez name cannot be used by any other person or company without written agreement with the D and M Corporation.

L. Product on-Demand

Product on Demand may not be applicable in all areas of Nepal. Products banned from importing in Nepal cannot be purchased from Evivez and this feature is not applicable for such products. Product on Demand service may be discontinued anytime without prior notification to our users.

M. Order Confirmation and Cancellation

Our order confirmation to you does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to supply that order. At any time after receipt of your order, we may accept, decline, or change quantity, or place other limits on your order.

N. Minimum Deposit and Full-Pay Discount

A minimum deposit is a minimum amount that you must pay to process your order. We can remove this service anytime without notification. The minimum deposit amount may differ for different products. Sometimes products with the same price may have different minimum deposit requirements.

A full-Pay discount is a discount that may be appliable when you decide to pay in full for the product(s) you wish to order. This discount is only applicable during order placement. If you choose to pay in full upon delivery, the full-pay discount is not applicable.  

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